"Lead Generation on Auto-pilot..."

What is Four Hour Lead Gen?

Four Hour Lead Gen builds an outbound sales system inside of your business at a fraction of a sales development representative's salary*

Turn your lead generation on auto-pilot as Four Hour Lead Gen will consistently prospect, email, call and nurture your ideal customers for four hours per week. 

Who is Four Hour Lead Gen for?

Four Hour Lead Gen is for the small to medium size business that is looking for a B2B outreach solution but not necessarily at the scale of a full-time sales development representative.

Four Hour Lead Gen Features:

Custom Prospect Lists

Targeted prospect lists are created for your campaign based on over 20 criteria points such as industry, location, contact role & business size.

Custom Email & Call Scripts

Customized email templates and call scripts (when applicable) are created using industry best practices. 

Email Drip Campaigns

New email campaigns are scheduled on a monthly basis using your warmed up domain and best practices to get into your customer's primary inbox. 

Custom Nurturing

What happens when a prospect is interested but hasn't set an appointment yet? Custom nurturing kicks in with tailored outreach, videos, blog articles and more to capture attention and get appointments. 

Transparent CRM

Know what stage of the sales pipeline your prospects are at any given time with an in-Gmail CRM that tracks pipeline activity.

Dedicated Cold Emailer

It's getting harder to get into the primary tab of inboxes and that's why we partner with a dedicated cold emailer to maintain maximum deliverability.

Weekly Workflow Includes:

  • 15 Minute Weekly Meeting (optional)
  • Up to 500 targeted lookalike prospects per month
  • Up to 50 emails per day or 1000 emails per month
  • Email Sequence Copywriting
  • Custom nurturing strategy

*According to Zippia.com the average SDR salary across the board was $46,000 or about $3,800 per month

Hire Your Next "In House" Lead Gen Rep for 4 hours per week (16 hours per month) @ $500/mo

No contract required!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Soon Can You Start My Outreach Campaign?

One month. The first month is spent acquiring an email domain, warming up the email and creating the outreach schedule, templates & list. If you have a warm domain that's ready to use, we can turn around a start date within a week. 

Can You Create Me a Landing Page as well?

Yes, We can create a simple video landing page (just like this one) for a one-time setup fee of $250 using Thrive Themes. 

What If I don't want you to call the leads?

All outreach campaigns are custom tailored for your business and company culture. If warm calling isn't your cup of tea, neither is it ours. 

What Happens If My Emails Are Currently Going To Spam or Promotions?

Email Deliverability is a major factor in every successful campaign. Inbox placement is assessed before every campaign and in most cases a new domain will be purchased and warmed up within the first month. 

Can I Book Your Team For More Than 4 Hours?

Sure, just let us know what you had in mind.