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When Yoanoke was started in September of 2020 (originally Yonoke.com), it stemmed from the apparent lack of content curation in Roanoke when searching for things-to-do topics. When searching "best happy hour" on a Friday afternoon, all of the results were restaurants websites that had a small section on happy hour. When searching "stand up comedy" the browser only pointed to national websites or local websites that no longer existed. My searching intent wasn't satisfied so I set out to create local content for people and families new to Roanoke or just visiting so they can explore this city with a leg up on information.

Roanoke Professionals also had an organic start when I looked for business communities or networking groups to join in March of 2021. And while I don't have any ambitions to start a community or networking group myself, I saw Roanoke Professionals as an aid to help entrepreneurs and alike meet, talk and create business. Roanoke Professionals is pro-business, pro-creativity & pro-community.

I get alot of questions about the two sites because it would seem an unconventional approach to take when there is no charge for listings. Here is a round up of the top questions I've received and a contact form below if you don't see your question answered.

Are you going to bill me for the listing?

No, there's never a charge to be listed in either Yoanoke or Roanoke Professionals.

I'm a content marketer by trade and these two sites keep me at the cutting edge of my job when it comes to finding content users want to engage in. 

How do you decide who ranks on the list?

There are multiple factors that go into creating a list with the top three factors being:

  • Reviews on sites like Trustpilot & Google 
  • Current Ranking on Google Search Engine Pages
  • Ease of communications with the owners or managers
  • Presence of quality factors like a Google My Business Listing and a website that's easy to navigate.
  • Been in business for more than a year

Can Any Business Be On Your Listings?

If your business meets the above criteria you're probably doing something right. If I can't find an immediate fit for your business in any of my listings I'll keep you on the radar for a future opportunity.

Are the backlinks from your sites considered high quality?

I designed both websites to not only have great content but also have other businesses want to align with their ideals. Both sites have increasing authority scores as the months go by and their links are considered "editorial links" by Google meaning someone can't add a listing manually on a site, it must be reviewed first. These are both indications of a quality backlink. Read more about the different types and strengths of backlinks on Ahrefs.com blog.

Can I Share Any of the Content on my Sites or Social Media?

This is my favorite question and the answer is a resounding yes.  Whether you're a Air Conditioning repair company that needs local content to share on Facebook about the best waterfall hikes near Roanoke or a Dentist that wants to update their Roanoke Stock Photos on their website, we've got you covered.

I'd love to hear what you think about either site or ways we can improve. Drop me a message below and I'll be sure to get back to you.

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