Get More Leads with PPC Management Services

Access The Largest Advertising Platform In Existence, Google Ads. Management fee starting as low as - $1,500 per month. $1,000 month Ad budget minimum. (Ad budget is paid to Google)

All Managed PPC Packages Include:

Targeted And Qualified Leads


Receive Quality Leads through Keyword Research and Targeted Content.

Dedicated PPC Manager


A Google Ads Certified Traffic Expert will Monitor & Manage Your Google Ads Account.

Conversion Focused Landing Pages


Custom Landing Pages Created To Improve and Track Your Conversions. 

24/7 Transparent Reporting


Always Be Up to Date With Your Google Ads Campaign with Real-time Reporting.

Why Your Website Needs PPC

  • People Who Click on Ads are 50% More Likely To Make a Purchase (Source:
  • 35% of users purchase a product within 5 days of searching for it on Google (Source:
  • Pay Only Per Click (And Not Per Impression)
  • PPC Allows Hyper-Targeted Demographics and the data to track conversions. 

How Your PPC Campaign Is Created

  • Keyword Research and Competitive Analysis.
  • Campaign Design With Optimal Ad Placements, Schedules & Target Audience.
  • Launch Campaign and Immediately Track Conversions & Traffic Generated.

How Managed PPC Works In Four Steps

step 1

Tell Us About Your Business

Go through an in-depth discovery process so we can have an understanding of your products, services, competition, and your needs and goals.

step 2

Your Google Ads Campaign Planning, Research & Design

Advertising á la carte is partnered with the PPC Experts at Alkries to perform advanced market research including keyword research, ad copy, landing page creation, tracking, and competitor analysis based on your industry and your business.

step 3

Launching Your Google Ads Campaign

Part of the PPC Management Services is that you get to approve the campaign before it's launched. You'll be sent an email and allowed to review it, make suggestions and give feedback. Once approved, your campaign will be live!

step 4

Optimizing, Testing, Scaling, & Reporting For Your Google Ads Campaign

Throughout the managed campaign, we will continuously look for ways to reduce the costs of your campaign, optimize search terms, break down your campaign into further ad groups with consistent testing.

See The Value in 30 Days or Get Your Money Back.

See the value that we provide with data driven results and metrics risk free for 30 days. If you don't like what you see, get your money back, no questions asked.

Frequently Asked Questions about PPC Management Services

Below are the most frequently asked questions about PPC Management Services. Don't see your question? Email 

What Information Is Required To Get Started?

We will go through discovery to get a high-level understanding of your business and your needs. For instance, we'll talk about your audience, KPIs, and more. 

Why $1,000 Monthly Ad Spend Minimum?

We provide on-page optimization for the following if deemed necessary:

  • Titles
  • Meta Descriptions
  • and H1 (Headers)
  • Web copy optimization

What we won't provide is the following:

  • Web Development & Design
  • Schema Setup or Sitemaps
  • User Interface or User Experience Changes
  • Etc.


Are There Any Niches You Don't Accept?

Any niches that are against Google's Advertising policy, found here.

How Long Will It Take To See Results?

Typically it takes 3 months minimum to dial-in a Google Ads campaign.

What Kind of Business is Managed PPC Service for?

Business that meet the following criteria:

  1. You are already generating sales regularly and have been established for at least 3 years.
  2. Your business can spend $1,000 per month on advertising.
  3. Your business can afford to spend $1,500 per month on PPC Management efforts. (PPC isn't your entire marketing budget.)
  4. You can commit to at least 3 months, so we can optimize the campaign to perfection.
  5. Your are willing to go through in-depth discovery on your business and your goals.


How Does Pricing And Payments Work?

We'll discuss a budget for both ad spend and management. You pay the ad spend to Google, and the management of your Google Ads account to us, every month, before work is started.

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