Grow Your Business With Managed SEO

Get Fully Managed SEO Starting as Low as $1500 per month.

All Managed SEO Packages Include

Customized SEO Strategy


Get a unique plan for your business designed to rank for your customers.

Dedicated SEO Manager


An SEO expert will manage and monitor your campaign along with weekly meetings to go over updates.

Transparent Reporting


Real-time Reporting so you can see what's going on with your website at all times.

Hands and Stress Free


Never have to worry about keywords, backlinks or rankings again, all programs designed to run on auto-pilot.

Behavioral and Feedback Tools


Every campaign comes with free software to visually measure behavior and collect feedback.

Why Your Website Needs SEO

  • Organic Searches Drive 51% of All Website Traffic (Source:
  • The #1 Result in Google's organic search results has an average CTR of 31.7% 
  • The #1 organic result is 10x more likely to receive a click compared to a page in #10 spot (Source: Backlinko).
  • SEO Builds Trust, Credibility & Social Proof.

Advanced Managed SEO Strategy For Your Business, Rankings, & Traffic

  • Auditing and Research For Your Business
  • Content Creation and SEO Optimization For Your Website
  • Link Building with a Diverse Stragegic Plan
  • Software Tools that will make an impact on how you visualize your website including Heatmaps, GDPR Compliant Visitor Snapshots, Feedback Collection & Surveys.

How Managed SEO Works In Four Steps

step 1

Tell Us About Your Business

Go through an in-depth discovery process so we can have an understanding of your products, services, competition, and your needs and goals.

step 2

Your SEO Campaign Planning, Research & Design

Advertising á la carte is partnered with the SEO Experts at Alkries to perform advanced market research including website reviews, keyword research & competitive analysis.

step 3

Launching Your Managed SEO Campaign

We'll design your campaign to get results. You'll have a scheduled call to review the campaign, ask questions, and approve the campaign.

step 4

Monitoring Results, Optimizing, Reporting & Scaling For Your Managed SEO Campaign

Weekly Meetings, Monthly Reports and Real-time access to your SEO reports and real-time access to what phase work projects are in from scheduled to in-process to completed.

See The Value in 30 Days or Get Your Money Back.

See the value that we provide with data driven results and metrics risk free for 30 days. If you don't like what you see, get your money back, no questions asked.

Frequently Asked Questions about SEO Management Services

Below are the most frequently asked questions about SEO Management Services. Don't see your question? Email 

What Information Is Required To Get Started?

We will go through discovery to get a high-level understanding of your business and your needs. For instance, we'll talk about your audience, KPIs, and more. 

Does This Service Include Technical or On-Page SEO

We provide on-page optimization for the following if deemed necessary:

  • Titles
  • Meta Descriptions
  • and H1 (Headers)
  • Web copy optimization

What we won't provide is the following:

  • Web Development & Design
  • Schema Setup or Sitemaps
  • User Interface or User Experience Changes
  • Etc.


What is the Average Turnaround Time for Deliverables To Be Completed?

All deliverables have a 30 day turnaround time after they have been reviewed and approved.

How Long Will it Take to get on Page One or See Positive Results?

The short answer, it depends. Typically at least six months.

The long answer: There are several factors in play, your niche, your budget size, previous SEO work, competitors, etc. So, the answer really is it varies from customer to customer.

What Kind of Business is Managed SEO Service for?

Business that meet the following criteria:

  1. You have been established for at least 3 years and are already generating sales regularly.
  2. You have employees under you. (typically 10+).
  3. You can afford to spend $1,500 per month on SEO efforts (SEO isn't your entire marketing budget).
  4. You can commit to at least six months, before seeing positive results for SEO.
  5. You are willing to go through in-depth discovery on your business and your goals.


How Does Pricing And Payments Work?

We'll discuss a budget, you'll pay the monthly budget fee to us every month, before work is started. We'll come up with deliverables and a plan. Then you approve the plan.

Ready To Set A No-Obligation Initial Consultation?

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