August 12


Outbound Marketing Strategy & Consulting

Written by Brian Bailey

August 12, 2021

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To understand what outbound marketing is, it's important to know what inbound marketing is by comparison.

Inbound marketing is a sales funnel system where a customer finds your business or service and contacts your organization directly.

Outbound marketing is a sales funnel system where your organization prospects potential customers before they may know about your product.

In an ideal world your business would be able to sit back and wait for the phone to ring, but that's rarely ever the case. Inbound marketing and outbound marketing are not mutually exclusive, and most times your business will use a combination of both.

When do I need Outbound Marketing?

While anyone can integrate outbound sales into their marketing mix, it's important to have a clear branding message, offer & way for customer to find out more information about your product or service.

The initial goal of outbound sales is to generate awareness of your brand, and it's important to have all all the customer facing material ready before beginning outreach.

Other Outbound Marketing Applications

Outbound Marketing is telling people or businesses about your brand that may never have heard of you before. Where else can this be valuable in your business or personal life? Below is a short (and most definitely not complete) list of other ways outbound marketing can help you in your business or career goals. 

  • Blog Post & Link Building
  • Employment Searching
  • Business to Business Networking

Click The Art of Cold Calling article below (10 minute read) for my seven step outbound marketing strategy that you can implement in your sales system. 

What Is An Outbound Marketing Consultation?

An Outbound Marketing Consultation will take a look at the seven key steps of your current outbound approach and recommend ways to optimize your sales system. 

1. Email Reputation Audit  

Are your emails going straight to the promotions tab? The Email Reputation Audit compares your domain to over 100 email blacklists, assesses technical configuration and how warmed up your email domain is.

2. Contact Research  

Much like keyword research in Search Engine Optimization, Contact Research analyzes the quality of your contacts based on their business value to your brand.

3. Email Templates

The email you send to your customer will oftentimes be their first impression of your business. We analyze the email flow, readability and call to action and have the ability to test multiple email templates for effectiveness.

4. Phone Script Outline

We will go over your basic phone script outline of introduction, attention grabber, call to action and qualifying questions.

5. Email & Phone Call Cadence

Much like a classic musical composition, a good outbound marketing strategy uses the right rhythm of email and phone call and also allows the prospect to decide when and how often they would like to be contacted.

6. Timing

Reaching out at certain times of the week can generate three times initial contacts than others (Source: We analyze when your reach outs are being made and how to optimize your email and phone call rhythms.

7. Other Marketing Channels & Integration

Outbound Marketing is less of an island and more of a machine that takes your brand's website offers, lead funnels, search engine optimization, inbound marketing channels & company culture and churns out the end result. We analyze where your outbound marketing falls into the bigger picture of your brand.


Outbound Marketing can be a complicated field to navigate because of the moving parts involved in the process. How a prospect's day is going and how well your account executive slept the night before can all have a factor of the outcome of the channel. The ideal Outbound Marketing Strategy will rely more on automation than it does on someone's state of being that day, making it more reliable to your bottom line revenue predictions.

Want To Learn More?

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