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A La Carte Keyword Research Services [Quality over Quantity]

Written by Brian Bailey

August 11, 2021

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Keyword Research Services are important because without it, we'd have to guess what the best keywords to rank for in your business out of almost 4 billion keywords (Source: Since the odds of winning the lottery are 1 in 14 million (Source:, that means that you have a 285 times greater chance at hitting the megaball than randomly picking out the best keyword for your business

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If you own a plumbing business, for example, it would reason that you wouldn't need to go after the keyword "dog grooming products".  You type in "plumbing" on the keyword filter, and not only did you narrow it down to almost 700,000 keywords, you just performed your first keyword research filter.

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Now that we have the definition of keyword research is out of the way, the important question to answer is why keyword research services are important and how we can help.

Keyword Research Services filter a set of highly relevant set of topics or keywords that your website can rank for and receive free organic traffic from search engines. 

What is your 3 Step Keyword Research Services:

1. Evaluate Ranking Potential for Your Desired Keywords

An important consideration when sorting keyword possibilities is to ask yourself can your website rank on the search engine results page among the other competition. Some considerations that go into this will be your website authority score, keyword intent and the other websites that are ranking for your given keyword.

2. Keywords Filtered by Intent

There are four different keyword intents summarized below, all of which you can read more about here on They will typically have a modifier in front or behind the keyword such as how or buy to show where the searcher is on their buyer's journey. 

  1. Informational Intent Keywords - How to, Why
  2. Navigational Intent Keywords - Keywords that contain brand names such as Amazon or Godaddy
  3. Commercial Intent Keywords - Buy, Coupon
  4. Transactional Intent Keywords - Review, Vs, Best, Top Ten

3. Competitor Keyword Analysis

We can conduct a Keyword Gap Analysis with up to 3 of your competitors to show what keywords their site is ranking for and where your site falls in. 

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What Comes With Your Keyword Research Services:

1. Customized Keyword List

We set up a time to learn about your business and what keywords you'd like to rank for (and how many).

2. Keyword List Filtered Around Search Intent & Achievability

You receive a list of keywords grouped by search intent and achievability. You'll be able to determine what your site or page can rank for in the short term and also some long term suggestions.

3. Action Plan with Suggestions on How To Rank for those Keywords

During the Keyword Researching Process, some keywords will have how-to guides in the top ten, others have downloads, and others have only e-commerce brands. It's important to match the search results to have the best chance of ranking.

4. Monthly Keyword Monitoring Packages Available

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