June 24


Link Building For Local SEO (10 Can’t Miss Backlinks)

Written by Brian Bailey

June 24, 2021

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Link Building For Local SEO is the second step to building links to your website and can be done on ANY budget.

What's the first step for local link building? Social media links. Hook that brand new website of yours to Instagram, Twitter, Google My Business (Now Google Profile Manager), Youtube and any other social media channel that's relevant to your brandd. 

How link building works is when one website or social media account links to your website. It's not a complicated idea, however, backlinks are an important metric that Google uses to determine the authority of a page so it's a topic worth studying if you're interested in ranking higher in the search results. 

Your local link building strategy is important for Google and other search engines to see other websites recognizing your new site. 

Assessing link quality is also an important factor as some links can have a negative impact on SEO (Read: Ahrefs.com)

Below is a list of 10 backlinks for your website that you can sign up for manually. All of the tools will make your content marketing strategy stronger, and #4 could have the biggest impact on your local SEO.  

1. Trustpilot

Review Website       No-Follow

Reviews and Testimonials are one of the top ways to build trust and social proof in the community. Trustpilot will not only allow you to create a review collection strategy for your business, you are able to create a link to your website on your company profile.

2. Better Business Bureau

Business Directory       No-Follow

Link Building For Local SEO isn't complete without a citation from the Better Business Bureau. The bbb.org has several different listings to choose from, both free and paid, and include a backlink to your website in your profile.

local link building strategies

3. Startup Ranking

Startup Directory       No-Follow

Startups aren't just for the tech industry, according to Investopia, a startup is simply a company in the first stages of operations. Startup Ranking will allow your business to create a profile with a backlink to your siteand allow your business to be searchable by other startups and investors worldwide. 

4. Google My Business

Snack Pack       

While Google My Business doesn't provide a backlink to your website, it will allow you to rank higher on the search engine results page according to some sources. Wordstream states that "Google’s algorithm for ranking Business Profiles does not just consider proximity and relevance but also activity and quality of information. Optimizing your Google Business Profile sends these signals to Google to rank you higher in local results". Optimizing your GMB not only helps for ranking but also allows your customers to find you much easier in the search process.

5. Vecteezy

Vector & Image Creation       No-Follow

Vecteezy is a great source for vector images, stock photos & stock videos which will all play a huge role in your content marketing strategy. Vecteezy allows you to create a business profile with a backlink to your site and features a real-time updated homepage with trending photos & videos which could inspire your very own content creation. 

link building for local seo

6. Issuu

Content Publishing       No-Follow

Speaking of content strategy, Issuu can help publish your ideas into shareable formats such as embeddable flip books, social stories, email graphics & more. Plus create a profile on their site to receive a backlink to your site.

7. Manta

Business Directory       No-Follow

Manta is one of the largest small business directories in the world and a must have for when link building for local SEO. Be sure to grab your profile and include a link to your site because it will show up for users to click on. 

8. Triberr

Content Amplification       No-Follow

Triberr.com will allow you to promote your content through their network of professional bloggers and influencers. This is a great addition to any content promotion strategy, and as a bonus will allow a link back to your personal site. 

link building for local seo

9. Dreamstime

Image Sharing       No-Follow

Dreamstime is a go-to for high quality images when free sites like Pixabay don't have exactly what you're looking for. When it comes to content strategy, images are the backbone of your visuals and Dreamstime will probably have what you're looking for as well as give you a backlink when you create a profile. 

10. Behance

Content Promotion       No-Follow

Behance is a content promotion site to showcase online portfolios, whether that be graphics design, websites, advertising or more. This is also a great source of content marketing ideas from all around the world and once you create a profile you'll receive a link back to your site. 


Link building for local SEO should begin with building social profiles and then progress to citations. Between the Better Business Bureau, Manta, GMB, and a number of content marketing websites, your website will be recognized on Google's search engine page within no time. 

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